The China wholesale center is a citadel for the wholesale trade. It is located in the commercial area of Padua, Corso Stati Uniti street, a large scroll artery which is connected with major road-junctions and highways in the city.
The complex has been built in the area that previously hosted the glorious productive OMS site: the “Officine Meccaniche della Stanga”, a company born in 1920 that operated in the railways construction. The current structure has been realized in two different phases, first by building up the street portions in 2006, and then the remaining ones in 2009, covering a 70 thousand square meters area.
There are currently more than 100 commercial companies within the CIC, particularly in the clothing, handbags, jewelry, footwear, toys, electrical equipment and appliances business. The center looks like a huge showroom designed to offer to the wholesaler a wide range of products and is a benchmark for any similar complex in Italy, due to a great commercial formula based on quality, variety and affordable prices. This is also because the Chinese labor culture is pretty well combined with the Italian attention to detail, and because here, at CIC, we firmly believe that integration is the development model to be followed as well as an opportunity for the territory, which could gain a significant economic benefit.

Over 100 businesses

In the complex there are currently more than one hundred businesses:

  • 100 companies operating in the wholesale footwear, clothing, housewares, accessories and furnishing and recreation equipment, managed by Chinese entrepreneurs;
  • MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC KLIMAT s.p.a. A company that operates in the industry and builds air conditioning systems for vehicles;
  • INVENTIS s.r.l., a company that builds electromedical devices;
  • MULTI CONSULT s.r.l., a company that designs, produces and develops computer programs;
  • CARL ZEISS VISION, a laboratory for manufacturing corrective lenses;
  • MEDIACOM DIGITAL EVOLUTION s.r.l., a company that designs and builds audio-visual systems for television and cinema;
  • KERBEROS s.r.l., a company that designs, creates and install electronic, automatic and technological control systems;
  • SECURVIS s.n.c., a company that designs and builds integrated security systems;
  • 3 professional and administrative offices;
  • a self-service restaurant (GUSTO') with 400 covered seats;
  • a “BAR E RISTORANTE CINESE”, with 400 seats.