CIC, Chinese but with Italian taste

The facility in Corsto Stati Uniti offers a variety of products in a clean and tidy environment

It is called CENTRO INGROSSO CINA (CHINA WHOLESALE CENTER), but the taste is tipically italian. Just tour the shops in the facility in Corso Stati Uniti to realize it and overturn in a few minutes the European stereotype of the oriental products.

Since 2006 - the year in which the first CIC buildings were erected – up to now, the steps taken in the internal organization have been remarkable. Steps taken along a purely "Italian" path, characterized by the tidiness and cleanliness of the stores and the attention to detail, starting from the layout of the products on the shelves and on display. These attention and dedication have only one name: tastefulness. Yet prices remain those of a wholesale center.
There are more than 100 commercial companies within the CIC, particularly in the areas of clothing, handbags, jewelry, footwear, toys, electrical equipment and appliances. Today, the center looks like a large showroom studied in order to offer to wholesalers a wide selection of products in an environment that is often as good as local shops.
Here is why the CHINA WHOLESALE CENTER is a benchmark for any similar structure, thanks to a business formula based on quality, selection and affordable prices. Here Chinese work ethic is combined with Italian attention to detail, and remains at the customer service.