Online the new CHINA WHOLESALE CENTER website

An important innovation for the CIC: the new website was thought to be an instrument of information and continuous updating.

The fastest and most precise way to know about the latest CHINA WHOLESALE CENTER information: the new website is online. The site was thought to be an instrument of information and continuous updating. A virtual place rich in content, to stay up to date on the offer proposed by the commercial facility in Corso Stati Uniti.
On the home page you can find general information on the structure and type of stores, but also the latest news about openings and investments, and a rich photo gallery. The new website is only the first step on a path through which the CIC wants to open up more and more to the city. "The website does not simply change his clothes, but every detail has been designed to make it a practical tool to be every day alongside the clients, to guide them and offer a showcase," emphasizes Berica Marchiorello, president of Finleb Srl , the company that runs the center. "The site will also be the new face of the commercial complex, which can present itself with a modern and effective image."
The CIC aims to provide a benchmark for all those who wish to find a wide assortment of goods: it offers the possibility to get in touch with over 100 Chinese business dealing with a wide and comprehensive range of wholesale products, in particular clothing, handbags, jewelry, footwear, toys, electrical equipment and appliances.