More security in the CHINA WHOLESALE CENTER: video surveillance rises to 39 cameras

The CHINA WHOLESALE CENTER is even more safe today. The increase of security cameras has been indeed completed: they are now 39, with the installation of the last 13 around “O”, “P” and “Q” buildings. Basically now all seven CIC buildings are constantly monitored along the outside area.
«We do not exclude further enhancements», says Sandro Mattiazzi, head of the technical and administrative management of the Centre on behalf of Finleb Srl, the company that manages the property in Padua. «But right now we can already say that the CIC is safer. All cameras are connected to the supervising office: the moment we get a client report - that may relate to a possible theft or a minor car accident as it happens everywhere - we can examine images in near real time, putting them at the disposal of the competent authorities».
The service is covered day and night. «That's right: the facility, in order to respond to specific safety tasks, is monitored even during closing time through video-patrols operated by Civis, an external security agency which also provides against tampering and burglary» .
The video surveillance system integrates with the intrusion and fire detection alarms of each building, monitored 24 hours a day by the CIVIS operations center. Here is why we can say that, in terms of safety, the CHINA WHOLESALE CENTER is now a benchmark for any other similar facility in Italy.